with introduction by noted Testicle Monster, Lord Huffington.

    Eh, hi, I'm a testicle monster, and I'll be your guide on Andy's Page-o-Fun. My name is Lord Huffington, and I'm from Essex, England, mainly because I like the way Essex sounds.  I also lived in Canada, because Canada in itself is full of kinky fun, that being the best type.
2/6/99 I tried to eat some testicles, but the people were looking.  I also put up this webpage.
2/7/99 I am still working on the page but all of the links are up and working except for the p0rn :(
2/7/99 Well I got all of the links working so go for it. Oh and the link to p0rn is a link to mail me, so....
6/11/99 Well I finally updated sorry about that. I have more info on Playstation 2 and Fake ID sucks!!
5/15/00 Again i am sorry about the update, anyway just about everything has changed. And please sign the guestbook I would love to hear what people think of my site and i am open to comments.
6/8/01 Well i updated again and this time i'm not sorry, i'm just a lazy sob and i dont really care. Anyway i'm 18 now so the P0RN P0RN P0RN link will now have porn in the next month or so.
6/9/01  I'm gonna start to work on a "friends work" page so please send me anything you think is crazy enough to be here. You can also send porn if ya like.

Andy's Local Links:

My Pics - Some pics of me and my friends
Playstation Info - A Page of links to PSX sites, and some information on Playstation 2
Anarchist Cookbook ZIP file -All sorts of fun, marginally legal stuff
An Evening with Lord Huffington - Lord Huffington's personal diary, and stories of his fight against testicle haters
P0RN P0RN P0RN(not that I'm into that sorta thing. wait. yes i am.) - Do I really have to explain this?
My Page Jesusified - The Spark takes yr page and twists it around
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